Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Shipping of all of our products is FREE OF CHARGE!



Delivery time depens on our stock status and your location relative to our store.
If the desired product is in stock, the  overall, usual delivery time is  around 1 or 2 weeks for European Countries and 2 to 3 weeks for rest of the world ( USA, Canada, China, and others). If the product needs to be manufactured, additional two weeks need to be accounted.
Every customer placing an order will be personally contacted with delivery information.

Speacial delivery requriments (eg., faster delivery time)  can be discussed over a phone or an email.
Do not hesitate to contact us!


We accept :  American Dollars (USD), Euroes (EUR), 


A payment can be done three different ways: 

  1. Cash on Delivery (only for Austria, Germany, and Czech Republic)​
    1. The payment for a good is done at the time of delivery.
  2.  Wire Transfer to a Bank Account:

     (Payment to our bank account in Austria)


​​   3.  Credit Card: 
We accept:

        - Maestro

        - MasterCard

        - VISA Electron

         - VISA


Returning Policy:

A customer can return goods within 14 days of receiving the goods. In order to return the goods, the seller must be informed in writing on this e-mail address: exclusivechandeliers@gmail.com. After doing so, the customer can send the goods back to our store's address. The customer pays returning shipment. Once the goods are received and reviewed by us, the customer will be refunded corresponding amount.


    All goods should be returned to this address: Postfiale JANNY PRIM Postlagernd main square 13 RETZ 2070 Austria Postgebuhr.



Complaints are individually assessed in accordance with applicable laws. The customer is immediately obliged to report all possible defects and damage to the seller after receiving the desired goods. All goods are warranted for 24 months, unless otherwise indicated. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. In case of defect, please inform us in writing or via email about alleged defects. After informing us about all the defects, please send all the defected items back to our store's address. Once the goods are received by our store and the complaint is positively assessed, the goods will be replaced or repaired by the seller. In case the seller cannot replace or repair the items, the customer will be refunded corresponding amount for the items that cannot be replaced or repaired. Complaints will be dealt with promptly, within 30 days of receipt.

What the warranty does not cover:

 a) Defects caused by normal wear

b) Defects caused by misuse of the product.


How to claim:

1) Inform us in writing or send us an email.  Please describe the reason for your return.

2) Send all the goods as a registered package to our address:

Postfiale JANNY PRIM Postlagernd Hauptplatz 13 RETZ 2070 Austria.
Please do not send back as a cash on delivery.

3) We will process your request as quickly as possible within 30 days of your initial claim.




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